This section is designed to provide important information regarding reimbursement, the IMBRUVICA® Dose Exchange Program, specialty pharmacies, and other product information.

Such information may be subject to continual change and interpretation. It is provided for informational purposes only and does not guarantee coverage or payment. It is always the provider's responsibility to determine and submit appropriate codes and modifiers based on the services rendered and the provider's medical judgment. Providers should contact the payer for coding and billing guidance.


The IMBRUVICA® Dose Exchange Program

For your patients taking the single-tablet formulation

There may be times when you need to reduce your patient’s dose because they have experienced an adverse reaction or are taking certain concomitant medications. The IMBRUVICA® Dose Exchange Program is available to facilitate this dose reduction for patients taking the single-tablet formulation should you decide to adjust your patient’s dose before they have finished their current pack of IMBRUVICA®.

  • Patients requiring a dose reduction can exchange their unused tablets for the same number of tablets at the reduced dose strength
  • Your patient can receive their new dose before returning their unused tablets
  • As a safety-based returns program, there will be no additional cost to the patient for any tablets provided at the reduced dose strength

How it works:

Dose Exchange Prescription

Download a Dose Exchange Prescription and Enrollment Form to prescribe a new dose strength. Submit the completed form with prescriber’s signature to the  By Your Side patient support program

Dose Exchange Prescription

The By Your Side patient support program will contact your patient within 24 hours of receiving the completed form to confirm eligibility and arrange rapid shipment of the new dose

Dose Exchange Prescription

The IMBRUVICA® Dose Exchange Program pharmacy will send the new dose strength and prepaid return envelope via rapid transport directly to your patient

Dose Exchange Prescription

Your patient will then return the unused tablets remaining from their previous prescription in the prepaid envelope provided. The tablets can be returned either by mail or pick up can be arranged by the Dose Exchange Program, if preferred

  • The By Your Side patient support program staff can answer any questions you or your patient may have about this program
  • Your patient may participate in the Dose Exchange Program even if they are not enrolled in the By Your Side patient support program

Dose Exchange Prescription and Enrollment Form

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